Motivating and Inspiring Helensburgh Locals to Feel and Look Better, Be More Confident and Achieve Fitness Goals in a Fun, Friendly Environment

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How We Do Things Differently


Our friendly and welcoming community is like a Team. We encourage a supportive non-judgmental atmosphere to help you every step of the way as you get fitter, stronger and achieve your health and fitness goals.


We offer a huge variety of options to keep you motivated to reach your goals. Whether its a group Personal Training session, a workout in our open gym or one of our 25+ weekly fitness classes we have everything you need all under the guidance of our expert coaches.


Getting fit and healthy can be fun and we do our best to make it that way. Our aim is to make fitness part of your every day lifestyle. When you enjoy exercise it's much easier to stay motivated long term and achieve long term weight loss and fitness results.

Your Pathway to Success


Arrange a Call

Arrange a strategy call with us where we can discuss your Health & Fitness and explain how we can help you to achieve your goals.


Meet the Team

After your call, we invite you to the gym to meet our friendly team where we will discuss and create your plan of action.


Look and Feel Great

Now that everything is in place stick to our tried and tested system and allow our expert coaches to guide you to your goals.


Stay on Track

Our goal is to change your habits for life and we are in this together for the long term. We will continue to help and support you to surpass your goals.

Now It’s Your Turn to Get In the Best Shape of Your Life

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Success Stories


Lost 13lbs during the Six-Week Program

"The CBF Transformation challenge made a huge difference in helping me meet my weight loss goals! The accountability of the weekly check-ins, the small group personal training, and the weekly workout plans all combined to help me lose 13 pounds during the six-week program. I loved the focus on improving fitness rather than restrictive or fad dieting, and I was able to use the challenge momentum to lose a further 16 pounds during lockdown. I’m stronger, my clothes fit better, and I’ve improved my general health – all thanks to Chris and his team!"


Helped Me Gain Confidence within Myself to Do Things I Never Would Have Done Before

"Joining up to the group PT sessions has helped me on my journey of getting to my goal weight. It's helped me gain confidence within myself to do things I never would have done before. All the instructors are so welcoming and friendly, I never ever thought I'd be a person that enjoys exercise, but now I look forward to going to the PT sessions and the classes at the gym."


Over the past Year or So I Have Lost 4 Stone

"I travelled quite a bit with my job and was struggling to get focused and eat healthily, I was tired and needed a boost.
CBF offered an 8-week transformation programme and I thought I’d try it and I can honestly say I have not looked back. Over the past year or so I have lost 4 stone and starting the programme was the push I needed. [Read More...]

Being provided with great recipes, keeping a food diary and doing a varied amount of exercise in a motivating group environment really helped me adapt to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. My weight gradually came off and was not linked to any fad diet, it was literally calorie-controlled and eating the right things. I do believe this is why I’ve been able to maintain my weight. I can move easier and feel so much better in myself.

I would not have been able to do this without the help of Chris and CBF. Anyone thinking about it should definitely give it a try!"

Now It’s Your Turn to Get In the Best Shape of Your Life

Arrange a Call to Discover How You Can Transform Your Body and Fitness in Just 6 Weeks

Why Choose Us

Many people struggle to get the results they want. They try different diets and fads, pick up training programmes online but never see it through and just don’t see results they want!

We understand what it takes to get you where you would like to be. Our 10+ years of operating in there Fitness Industry has taught us what works and what doesn’t and we understand that not everyone is the same!

Whatever your goal and current abilities we have the solution for you. We have our Complete Beginners programme for those brand new to exercise. The Kickstarter for those who need help getting back on track. Our Group Fitness Classes for those who need motivation and structured workouts to follow. And of course our Gym Facilities for those who have a good grip on their training and need a quality facility to train in.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Flexible & Personal - We understand everyone is different and will work with you to find what works best for YOU.
  • Variety - We have a great range of classes and programming available to keep boredom at bay.
  • Community - You are joining a community of like minded people who help and support each other to reach our goals.
  • Results - Just have a look at our testimonials.
  • High Standards - From our programming, nutrition and mindset sessions to our facilities and cleanliness - We keep everything to a high standard at all times.

The 6 Week Transformation Program

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  • Two 45min small group personal training sessions per week to turbocharge your metabolism
  • Weekly check-ins to stay on track throughout the program
  • Nutrition & lifestyle support so you can see significant changes to your weight and fitness in just 6 weeks
  • Full access to our gym and fitness classes to complement your training

Why Our Clients Succeed

  • Effective workouts - suitable to your goals
  • Easy to follow - a simplified approach to nutrition and lifestyle
  • Motivation - throughout from our expert team
  • Weekly check-ins - to keep you on track
  • Fitness mindset sessions - to keep your focus
  • Continued pathway for success - beyond your 6 week programme

Shaun S

"Over the 6 Weeks, I Lost Just under a Stone"

"I started TRANSFORM in May and I had reservations having tried multiple 'lose weight quick / build muscle' etc programs, each of them achieved the same thing, thinning my wallet, nothing else though. Fast forward to June - I am given options when to do my group PT exercises. They kick my ass, and I struggled but Rhuaridh one of the team who took the PT classes was encouraging and [Read More...]

kept my form correct while keeping me engaged and motivated. We are given targets to meet to earn (eat 5 a day, keep strict food log and things of that nature) all this is done online and is incredibly simple. Over the 6 weeks, I lost just under a stone, and that's including having had to self isolate for the last 10 days.

If you are on the fence talk to any of the team, they are genuine and very skilled at what they do. This is by far the best service when it comes to my fitness and health I've ever achieved."


"I’ve Lost 6lbs in 6 Weeks"

I've lost 6lbs in 6 weeks, got myself back on track and into a good routine with menu planning, meal prepping and regular workouts."

Mark H

"My Body Fat Percentage Has Dropped"

"I joined Transform to lose some lockdown weight and improve my fitness. During the six weeks, we kept a diary of what we ate, hours of sleep, etc. and that helped me to realise what my unhealthy habits were.
I've noticed that as my strength increased, the aches and pains that were creeping in don't cause me trouble anymore.  [Read More...]

The twice-weekly sessions built up a good exercise routine, plus the regular weigh-ins kept me accountable and able to see progress. My body fat percentage has dropped which was most noticeable in my waist measurements - which dropped three inches over four months. Visceral fat has also lowered which although not visible, I know is good for my health."

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